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Understanding Limbic System Over-Activation: A Key Factor in Chronic Disease and Anxiety

A major factor in chronic disease is LIMBIC SYSTEM OVER-ACTIVATION, which is a major cause of chronic flight or fight/sympathetic overdrive. In this state, the body cannot heal. Anxieties tend to worsen, etc.

The LIMBIC system is the brain’s flight or fight mechanism. It serves us well long ago, but it a constant state of activation, it can be detrimental to our health. Unfortunately, this is often the case with many of those who suffer from chronic health challenges.

Primal Trust™, founded by Dr. Cathleen King

Cathleen King, DPT, founded Primal Trust™ after healing herself of chronic illness. She has created an easy-to-follow online course with a team of experts to support you whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, CFS/M.E., Long Covid, POTS, anxiety, depression, or other chronic health issues. We recommend Primal Trust™ to many of our clients dealing with chronic illness & CPTSD. Their approach is rooted in the latest scientific research on neuroplasticity, trauma, and attachment, focusing on addressing the root causes of your chronic illness and trauma.

If you would like to learn more about Primal Trust™ and take the first step toward healing, they are offering a free eBook to help you get started. For Lyme patients, check out this free webinar.