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Addressing the Invisible Threat: Understanding the Impact of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) on Health and Wellbeing

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) represent the greatest danger facing humanity today.”

— Prof. Yuri Grigoriev, MD
Member of the International Advisory Committee of World Health Organization (WHO) of EMFs and Health.
Chairman of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection under the Academy of Science.

Since the advent of Microwave radiation, we have seen an explosion of Chronic Illness, especially in neurological diseases: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, etc. Childhood Autism, Fatigue, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, etc.

Many studies are now linking WIFI radiation to these diseases and many more, including Cancer. One of the reasons for this, we think, is because WIFI signals damage the DNA as well as affect the pineal glands’ ability to produce melatonin at night. Melatonin is nature’s most potent antioxidant. Without melatonin, we do not have the ability to repair our DNA and to get the deep sleep we need. It is believed that the mechanism by which it has the body is through a process called voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) activation. The effects are slow and cumulative, taking up to 30 years to see its damaging effects. The documentary film below is an excellent overview of this phenomenon.

Electrosmog can be defined as the collective sum of all sources of manmade frequencies to include but not limited to both electrical, electromagnetic, radio frequencies, and microwave radiation. This includes the wiring in our homes, smart meters, cell towers, cell phones, cordless telephones,  computers, WIFI routers, smart home devices, satellite transmission, radio waves, etc.  In general, there are four major sources of Electrosmog:

  • Electrical: Household wiring and dirty electricity

  • Electromagnetic (EMF): Computers and other household devices

  • Microwave:  Radiation from cell towers, cell phones, and smart meters.

  • Radiofrequency: Radio transmissions, Radar, etc.

Dirty Electricity occurs when the electrical power lines and wiring within your home contain frequencies other than the normal 60 Hz electrical current (50 Hz in Europe). These additional frequencies piggyback on the electrical wiring and radiate into your living environment.

Almost every single home has measurable dirty electricity. These frequencies then interact with your body, causing a multitude of health effects, from headaches, fatigue, insomnia, etc.

Are you affected by Electrosmog?

If you are experiencing headaches, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety that gets worse when during long car trips, when working on the computer, using your cellphone, or when you are in certain areas that contain a high density of EMFs/Cell towers, etc. you may be electrosensitive. Using advanced biofeedback testing as well as heart rate variability testing, we find that almost everyone (especially children), is negatively impacted by EMFs to some degree.

How does one measure one’s EMF exposures?

Ideally one should consider getting their home evaluated by an experienced building biologist*. However, this can cost thousands and may be out of the price range for many. Nevertheless, there are a couple of cost-effective ways to measure EMFs in your home and office environment.

Meters such as the ESI 24, measure magnetic (computers, routers, appliances, etc.), electric (electrical outlets), and high-frequency radiation (cell towers). In the example below, the red lights indicate pulsations from a local cell phone tower at dangerous levels. This is typical


Body Voltage meters such as this can detect low-level dirty electricity.


*We are not yet certified yet in building biology however we would be happy to evaluate your home for electrosmog. If you need a certified provider we would be happy to refer you to one.  Please contact our office for more info.

Ways to reduce the harmful effects of EMFs:


  2. Investigate where the Smart Meter is on the house. Make sure you are not sleeping within ten feet of this. Due to the damaging effects of Smart Meters, I recommend purchasing a Smart Meter Guard/Cover.

  3. Unplug, or ideally, don’t even use your cordless phone with a base, a particular potent producer of EMFs in many homes. The cordless phone base acts as a router, constantly emitting harmful EMFs.

  4. Reduce cell phone use, put on airplane mode when not using or sleeping, limit closeness to the head area.  Consider putting your cellphone in a shielded carrying case when not in use. Regular cell phone headsets can act as an antenna, increasing the amount of radiation to your ears and brain. To limit this exposure, we recommend a Headset by DefenderShield or Blue tube Headset

  5. Reduce the influence of dirty electricity called a seltzer filter, especially in your sleeping area. These are special boxes that can be plugged into any available outlet and ideally should be placed in every room of the house.

  6. Protect your sleeping environment. Suggest keeping all power cords, power strips, electrical panels, etc. away from the sleeping area.  If you have severe EMF sensitivity, Lyme or mold illness, as well as insomnia, consider sleeping in an EMF protection canopy or shielding the bedroom using Y-shield paint. If you are extremely EMF sensitive or have severe sleep issues consider putting in a kill switch to cut off all electricity to your bedroom at night. These options can be expensive but well worth the money. Shielding your bedroom can be a very involved process, so please contact our office for more info.

  7. Get grounded by sleeping on a grounding mat (or sheets) and by placing your feet on a grounding mat when working at your computer. See the theory behind this below.

  8. To protect your head and vital organs, consider wearing protective wifi clothing.

  9. Consider taking supplements to protect from WIFI exposure, such as Vitamin B-6, Rosemary, and Propolis tincture. Some companies offer specialized homeopathics and other supplements to help guard against WIFI exposure, which we have available in our office for purchase. If you have sleep difficulties, consider taking melatonin at bedtime, which acts as a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant to offset any damage caused by EMF.

For most of us, the above process may feel overwhelming, especially when you consider that you are constantly surrounded by a sea of EMF frequencies coming from multiple sources, especially your cellphone and computer, which most of us spend many hours a day with. It seems as if is almost impossible to get into an area where this is no EMF (unless you live up in the mountains away from cell phone signals).

And this is just the 2.4gHz standard (2.4 billion cycles per second)…that is what we are exposed to…CONTINUOUSLY. 5gHz is on the horizon.

What can we do? The Schuman Resonance to the rescue…

The Schumann resonances, discovered by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952, is a phenomenon that is caused by lightning strikes across the planet, occurring at around 44 times a second. -The frequency that results from the sum of these wave occurs at around 7.83 Hz. This represents a low-level natural atmosphere frequency that helps us to feel ‘grounded’ to the earth and is one of the theories why we feel more relaxed when walking barefoot at the beach or when we are out in nature. The problem for most of us is that we have to work in cities, in office buildings, etc., and have little time to get connected to this natural frequency.

Back to Nature

One way to help the body deal with this sea of Electrosmog is to ‘harmonize’ the body to its natural state, or the Schuman Resonance. We might be able to achieve some level of this by walking barefoot all day or keep ourselves grounded with a grounding mat. But what if we could wear a device on our person, place it on our computer, cellphone, and router, etc. to reduce the impact of EMFs? These ‘EMF harmonizing’ devices claim to reduce the noise (and therefore the impact) of EMFs through various patented technologies.

Do they work? Well, we have tested most of them and they do work to some degree; however, while relatively helpful to some degree, they appear, based on our testing, to be relatively ‘weak’ ability in their ability to reduce the impact of EMFs. This is most likely due to the sheer density of increased EMFs over the recent past…in other words, they are simply overwhelmed by all of the ambient EMFs out there.

Perhaps the oldest technology with the most independently varified research behind it is Memon Technology out of Germany. We have thoroughly tested this technology and compared it in terms of reliability and strength to other technologies and found that is the only technology that our patients can actually feel improvements with.

While some report immediately feeling better, sleeping better, etc., for most it takes time and is a gradual process of feeling more calm and relaxed over a period of weeks and months.

The detox effect from EMFs

Some (including myself) actually experienced fatigue, mild headaches, and nausea after the first few weeks of using the Memon devices. This is most likely due to a mild healing reaction as the body gets used to being more grounded, and less in a state of chronic ‘fight or flight’. These changes can be reliably measured in our office using an advanced heart rate variability test.

Getting the most of EMF harmonizing technology

For most, we recommend starting off with a body protection device that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. The next step is to harmonize the EMFs coming from your computer and cellphone. This comes in the form of a tiny device that sticks on to your cellphone and computer.  If your router must be on and/or you work near it, we recommend getting a device for your router. If you spend more than 30min in your car a day, we also recommend a device for your car. The ultimate protection is to get a whole-house device that plugs in the wall. This device gives protection to the whole family, reducing the harmful effects of EMF, reducing dirty electricity, reducing geo-pathic stress, and also helping to reduce ionized particles of dust (helps those with chronic upper respiratory issues). For more information on what this process looks like, see the video below:

For all the reasons mentioned, we generally recommend everyone to be evaluated for EMF sensitivity and to come up with a comprehensive EMF protection strategy.  Consider taking the steps above to reduce your EMF exposure and getting harmonized against damaging EMF/WIFI radiation. We have various devices for sale in our office that can help to protect you from your cell phone, computer, and other devices. Please contact our office for more info.


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