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Field control therapy or FCT was developed by Dr. Savely Yurkovsky, MD, an internist in New York, who developed it over many years combining many different disciplines including homeopathy, biophysics, immunology, toxicology, and traditional Chinese medicine. FCT is a special form of homeopathy that has the ability to treat the many potential stressors and weaknesses in the body in a controlled manner. The goal of FCT is to achieve a certain level of homeostasis or balance within the cells and organs of the body so that they can self-regulate without the need for supplements or medicines.

Conventional medicine unfortunately only addresses the symptoms of this disease by giving medicines that could potentially have side effects. This most often comes in the form of antibiotics, steroids, or surgery. Alternative medicine, such as reiki, acupuncture, and many other therapies can provide some temporary relief but ultimately do not provide lasting relief because they do not get to the root cause. Similarly, functional medicine, while helpful to some degree, requires a great deal of testing and supplementation. Some would argue that functional medicine only replaces traditional medicine by using natural therapies instead of medicines. Therefore a system is needed that is able to address the vast complexity of the body and to effectively treat the root causes while at the same time maintaining balance over time. This is where Field Control Therapy (FCT) fills the gap.

FCT recognizes that toxins and infections are the root causes of most diseases. The problem is that these toxins infections are buried so deeply into various tissues, and create such layers of complex dysfunction, that traditional herbal medicines, pharmaceuticals, and even homeopathic’s cannot get to the root cause. FCT has the unique ability to address these toxins and infections on a bioenergetic level, and does so in a very individualized way, such that the bioenergetic terrain of the body is cleared or becomes balanced. For example, many studies show that Mercury is a very potent toxin, that can lay dormant in the brain cells and tissues and organs of the body for many years, leading to things like autoimmunity, neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis, and even cancer. However, it is very difficult to detox this Mercury even using advanced things like chelation therapy, taking binders, and other detox supports. Sometimes one can experience a detox or healing reaction as one tries to detox. Field Control Therapy has the ability to detoxify Mercury in a very precise and controlled way.

Similarly, FCT recognizes that you cannot have disease without organ dysfunction. Traditionally we think we can support organs such as thyroid or adrenal health by taking thyroid medicine or taking adrenal supplements. While sometimes this is necessary this does not necessarily get to the root cause of organ dysfunction. FCT is not only able to address the root cause of organ dysfunction but also provide organ support through advanced homeopathy.

All matter in the universe especially the human body is governed by physics. Albert Einstein said that all of matter is energy fields (which ultimately led to the equation E= MC2). The human body in fact can be viewed as a large electromagnet, with an energy field. Similarly, certain cells of the body, organs, and tissues admit their own unique energy signatures or energy fields, with healthy cells submitting coherent or healthy energy fields and unhealthy cells emitting incoherent or unhealthy energy fields. Along the same thought process, every toxin, fungi, bacteria, virus, etc. emits its own energy field or frequency and therefore has its own unique energy signature.

FCT uses an approach where various toxins and infections are introduced to the body’s energy field and if they cause a stress reaction, we know that these could be a possible source of dysfunction. Through a very elaborate process, one can determine what infections, toxins, and other infections are stressing the body and what is needed to bring it back into balance over time. Homeopathic dilutions are calculated and given as homeopathic remedies to bring the body back into balance. The analogy is to that of an onion-FCT treats the many possible layers of dysfunction in the body, one layer at a time. The result is a gradual improvement in symptoms; however, multiple sessions may be needed. An even greater effect can be achieved if the patient is compliant with diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Keep in mind that electromagnetic frequencies from Wi-Fi, cell towers, cell phones, TV, and others act as subtle disruptors to our bio electrical field. It is recommended therefore that when doing FCT that these exposures are reduced. If one must work on the computer or be near sources of Wi-Fi radiation such as routers, etc., there are various technologies that can be used to help the body resonate with more of a natural state so that FCT becomes more effective.

Overall field control therapy has been extremely beneficial in helping many of our patients overcome chronic illness. We would encourage you to learn more about this process and to consider an evaluation. For more information, please contact our office.