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Glyphosate, a category of its own…

Glyphosate, the active chemical in Roundup, is the most commonly used herbicide in the United States. With over 330 Million pounds sprayed annually, it is a water-soluble compound that has made its way into our foodstuffs and water supply.  In one study, Glyphosate was found in 93 percent at an average level of 3.096 parts per billion (PPB). Unfortunately, due to Glyphsate’s ability to block certain detoxification pathways, Glyphosate makes all environmental toxins worse.

As the amount of Glyphosate use has increased, so has the incidence of Autism:



Image source: Samsel A, Seneff S. Glyphosate, 2015 Mar 24.



Plots of glyphosate usage on corn and soy crops (blue), percent of corn and soy that is genetically engineered to be “Roundup Ready,” (red), and deaths from PD (yellow bars) in the US. (Figure courtesy of Dr. Nancy Swanson)

  • Glyphosate is also linked to many gut disorders, brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Autism, as well as auto-immune diseases, and even cancer. It has a particular affinity to reduce manganese levels, which in turn reduce healthy levels of lactobacillus, which in turn makes it easier for pathogens to grow in the gut.

  • Glyphosate also weakens the gut lining, causing food particles to leak out into the bloodstream, leading to ‘leaky gut syndrome’. Glyphosate has been implicated in the exponential rise in gluten sensitivity and intolerance.

  • Glyphosate displaces a critical protein called Glycine, the most abundant protein in our bodies. Glycine is necessary for tissue repair, the production of neurotransmitters, sleep patterns, and especially detox pathways. This may explain why we are seeing an ever-increasing problem of toxicity, sleep disturbance, and anxiety.

  • Glyphosate chelates and lowers Manganese levels, a mineral critical to many functions in the body, ultimately leading to Glutamate toxicity in the brain (associated with hyperexcitability of neurons–think Parkinson’s, ADD, and Autism).

  • Glyphosate works synergistically with other toxins in the body, particularly heavy metals like Mercury and Aluminum to form compounds such as Aluminum-Glyphosate. In addition, Glyphosate enhances Aluminum uptake.  Aluminum in multiple vaccines can accumulate in the brain and damage neurons.

  • Eventually, the toxic load can become so high that our bodies cannot process them anymore, and we see the rise of mystery, chronic illnesses, such as ME/CFS Myalgic encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinson’s, Autism, and Lou-Gehrigs Disease.

How do I determine my Glyphosate level?

  • We can use Autonomic Response Technique to determine how disruptive Glyphosate is in your system

  • We can also send off a urine test to determine your Glyphosate level.

How to reduce your Glyphosate load:

  • Eat Organic, Non-GMO, non-processed foods whenever possible

  • Invest in an advanced water filtration system

  • Consider supplementing with Humic Acids (Peat extracts) to prevent Glyphosate absorption in the gut.

  • Silica helps to bind up and reduce Aluminum. To reduce Aluminum toxicity:  consider taking zeolite as part of an overall detox program, eating a high silica diet, drinking Horsetail tea, and/or supplementing with Biosil (Bioactive Silica).

  • Engage in regular detox methods: coffee enemas, infrared sauna, ionic foot bath

  • Support Liver health and healthy bile production.

  • Advanced: Consider homeopathic and Laser Energetic Detox for Glyphosate (and Aluminum-Glyphosate)

  • Take supportive nutrients to assist detox pathways. Please contact us for more information.


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