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Chronic Mercury exposure has been linked to a myriad of neurological symptoms, including:

  • Tremors

  • Headaches

  • Brain fog

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Deteriorating eye health

  • Memory problems

  • Tingling sensations in the hands, feet, and/or around the mouth

It can also lead to Gastrointestinal issues and poor immune function (recurrent infections, as well as autoimmune disease)


Dr. Chris Shade has devised a sophisticated tri-test for Mercury that assesses not only Mercury levels in hair, urine, and saliva but also rates of detoxification.  In addition, there is hair, urine, serum, and blood spot testing. Test kits can be mailed to you to do in your own home at your convenience. Please contact our office for more info. 


If you have Mercury amalgams we recommend removal by a biological dentist who is IAMOT certified. We have a protocol for both pre and post-amalgam removal. Timing is everything, and sometimes it is not wise to remove amalgams without adequate preparation and detox, as premature removal may result in autotoxicity and worsening of symptoms. 

For detoxification,  use a combination of heavy metal binders, such as natural fulvic/humic shale acids, charcoal, clay, cilantro, chlorella, and zeolite.  Other nutrients found to be helpful in this regard include modified citrus pectin, lipoic acid, and sodium alginate. Homeopathics can also be helpful. Heavy metal binders combined with a foot bath detox, coffee enemas, lymphatic, kidney, and liver supports.

Monitoring for heavy metals on a periodic basis to monitor progress.

For more information, please contact our office.