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The sum of all of the Biophoton light emissions from the body make up the ‘Biofield’, or field of light that surrounds the body. This has been measured in many experiments using special cameras and other instruments. ‘

What is amazing is that these Biophotons can be measured, giving a wealth of  information about the state of the health of our cells, various organs, the tissues outside of the cells (terrain), toxicity level, and ultimately what is need to bring the body back into balance.

This concept forms the basis of the Autonomic Response Technique and how it can be used to assess and restore health.

The goal is to find what the body needs to restore coherent light to all of the cells, tissues and organs of the body.

Trying to adjust different biochemistry parameters, such as taking certain vitamins or supplements to improve health, will usually NOT produce a deep healing state in the body—it is only the restoration of the light emissions from all the cells of the body that will ultimately restore health!

As much as this may sound like hocus pocus, this emerging diagnostic practice is quickly becoming to medicine what that the telephone was to communication–a new world order for how to treat each person for their unique health needs.

“We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light.”—Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp