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Quick Read:

  • What is the Microbiome?

  • Why the diversity of the Microbiome is a key to health

  • Toxicity and the rise of chronic illness

  • We should not fear viruses, we should fear toxicity…

  • How to improve your Microbiome.

If you are like me, you have probably have been wondering what may have been some of the factors behind the Coronavirus outbreak. There are many of theories out there and I wont go into all that here; but I was really impressed by the recent videos and interviews with Dr. Zach Bush, MD who discussed the role of toxicity.

I would just like to share some of his ideas and latest insights and research as they have great implications to our overall health …

We are made up of about 70 Trillion cells; however we are actually comprised of more Microbes than human cells. Collectively known as the Microbiome, this represents a collection of microbes that live within us, on our skin, and in our lungs, and includes:

  • 380 Trillion viruses

  • 30,000 bacterial species or about 38 trillion bacteria

  • 300 species of parasitic worms

  • 70 species of protozoa and 100 species of fungi

Some other facts:

  • The number of genes in all the microbes in one person’s microbiome is 200 times the number of genes in the human genome.

  • The microbiome may weigh as much as five pounds.

They help us to:

  • Digest our food,

  • Regulate our immune system and prevent auto-immune disease

  • Protect against other diseases

  • Produce essential vitamins like B12 and K2




Similar to how no one species of plant or animal can dominate a rain-forest, the Microbiome functions to maintain balance and diversity and to modulate the immune system to prevent disease.

Toxicity and the Collapse of our Microbiome:

  • 4.5 billion pounds of Glyphosate  (the active ingredient in Roundup) is dumped into the environment every year and,  as a result,  is now present in 75% of the rainfall and the air we breathe. It is present in all of our foods as well..

  • It functions like a low grade chronic anti-biotic that alters our gut bacteria.

  • Glyphosate damages the tight junctions in our gut lining leading to leaky gut syndrome, leading to food sensitivities, allergies, and indirectly autoimmune disease.

  • There are many more devastating health effects tied to Glyphosate. Dr. Stephanie Senef goes into more detail here.

  • This, combined with the antibiotic use in our food supply, the overuse of antibiotics in medicine, chlorinated water, and a host of other industrial chemicals has led to the collapse of our Microbiome.

 The rise of chronic illness

  • Our gut bacteria determine not only our gut health, but our immune health and brain health (the majority of our Serotonin is produced in the gut). Since the 1960s-we have witnessed a steady rise in chronic illness. Now:

  • 133 million Americans – about 45% of the population – have at least one chronic disease

  • 54.1% of our children now suffer from form some chronic disease.

Our Microbiome is only 10% of what is should be, so we are about 90% deficient–Dr. Zach Bush MD

Dr. Bush MD predicted the pandemic, citing areas like Wuhan China as endemic areas of glyphosate exposure. These factors, combined with other toxic factors in the environment, such as air pollution, were some of the key factors that made them them more susceptible to Coronavirus. DOCTOR WHO PREDICTED COVID-19 ANSWERS ALL

Dr. Bush emphasizes that viruses have been around since the dawn of man, in fact they are responsible for 50% of the human genome. 8-10% of our genome is actually retro-viral (viral fragments read by messenger RNA). There are 10 to the 31st power viruses on the planet, more than all the stars in the universe.  Viruses are responsible the essential exchange of genetic information–without them, there would be no evolution. Dr. Bush theorizes that the Coronavirus was a stress signal exuded by the Mirobiome, in the setting of an ever-increasing toxic environment.

So the question becomes: if we are all subject to Glyphosate exposure and are therefore  potentially lacking microbial biodiversity (weakening our immune systems and making us prone to Coronavirus), how do we decrease our exposure to Glyphosate and protect our Microbiome?

  • Eat foods that are organic, non-gmo foods when at all possible.

  • Eat a whole food plant based diet, full of a wide variety of beneficial microbes. Eat especially more root vegetables, which increase the diversity of plant fibers

  • Eat more fiber. Fiber acts a prebiotic and provides a scaffolding structure that allows the microbiome to flourish. It also acts a binder for various toxins. Dr. Bush recommends a Chinese porridge called Congee for this purpose.

  • Eat more mushrooms (Contain the essential mycelium, which creates the cellular matrix and organic chemicals for cellular communication and repair)

  • Breathe your biome. You get an enormous genetic update when you get into Nature. You are literally breathing in viruses when you get into Nature.

  • Eat more fermented foods, which are teaming with probiotics.

  • Walk barefoot, plant a garden–get your hands dirty!

I was so inspired by all of this Mirobiome talk that I made my own fermented cabbage…all you need is salt, water, and cabbage…how simple is that? and tastes great! If you were to buy this much ‘wild crafted’ fermented cabbage at a specialty health food store, you would be look at a small fortune!

Many of you have taken, or are taking, Dr. Bush’s product called IonBiome (it used to be called Restore). Acting like compost for the Mirobiome, it is a terrahydrite organic compound mixture of specialized minerals and organic acids that “turns on the cellular communication network” (similar to how a cell phone connects to a network), which all allows microbes to send cellular messages to other cells. When this redox signaling happens, a more balanced and diverse Microbiome is achieved. Here are some great things about IonBiome:

  • It improves digestion.

  • It can immediately increase the biodiversity of the microbiome.

  • It tightens the gap junctions in the gut and thus reduces toxins like Glypohsate from getting into your system.

  • Ionbiome enhances communication bet the microbiome, the mitochondria, and the cells to enhance cellular resilience and regeneration.

  • It allows for hydration down to the cellular level.

  • It enhances immune function.

  • It enhance mental clarity (I can attest to this).

NOTE: While I have seen some amazing things with IonBiome, I recommend getting tested for this product, as not everyone can tolerate it. Sensitive individuals may need close monitoring.

Some of my sickest patients suffer from isolation/depression/anxiety (which has of course worsened since the Covid outbreak). Lacking communication with the outside world, they cannot get the resources they need. Dr. Bush theorizes that this may be due to lack of diversity of the Microbiome. By improving the Microbiome, Dr. Bush has observed a greater sense of identity and purpose in his patients.

Can’t make sense of all of this Microbiome talk? Check out this touching documentary about how a small family (who knew nothing about farming) turned a small piece of dry land into a thriving farm (without the use of antibiotics or chemicals) The Biggest Little Farm

For more great interviews with Dr. Bush, see below:

First, a Town Hall meeting held for our practitioners in May: https://youtu.be/E23teh-kzBg

Dr. Zach Bush on Highwire with Del Bigtree: https://youtu.be/xXI0UEmCsEw?si=ilJIoPtWY8hVVIkM

And another talk with James Maskell: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=234040761261574&ref=watch_permalink

Wellness Force: https://www.facebook.com/WellnessF/videos/362885961362718/UzpfSTEzNjIzMTUzMDE6MTAyMjM1MTA5MDcxNDUxMjE/

Also don’t forget to check out his documentary series on small farmers. You have to change the soil to change the Microbiome. https://farmersfootprint.us/

Anyway, so sorry for the info overload! I am here to answer any questions you have. Wishing you and your family all the best during this challenging time!