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Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Inflammation in Lyme Disease and Coinfections

Comprehensive Approach to Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment

In general, it is assumed that individuals with chronic Lyme disease may also have other chronic coinfections. Because testing for these infections is often inadequate and variable, and these infections can evade the immune system, advanced biofeedback techniques such as the Autonomic Response Technique (ART) are valuable tools for identifying which infections are present and […]

Unlocking Health with Advanced Biofeedback: Techniques, Tools, and Insights for Comprehensive Patient Care

Biofeedback is simply a way to retrieve information from the body. This, combined with a thorough history and physical exam, standard blood work, functional medicine testing, diagnostics, and other diagnostics, help us to get a more comprehensive view of the patient. Perhaps the oldest form of biofeedback is the EKG, or electrocardiograph, which gives precise measurements of the heart. From this, we […]