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Unlocking Health with Advanced Biofeedback: Techniques, Tools, and Insights for Comprehensive Patient Care

Biofeedback is simply a way to retrieve information from the body. This, combined with a thorough history and physical exam, standard blood work, functional medicine testing, diagnostics, and other diagnostics, help us to get a more comprehensive view of the patient. Perhaps the oldest form of biofeedback is the EKG, or electrocardiograph, which gives precise measurements of the heart. From this, we […]

Understanding Adrenal Dysfunction: Causes, Misdiagnoses, and Advanced Treatment Options

The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidney and receive input from the pituitary. They are the main producers of adrenaline and cortisol, necessary for a healthy stress response. Unfortunately, over time, usually due to chronic stress, toxicity exposure, and other factors, these glands can become stressed and produce too much cortisol or too little.