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Stem cells are special human cells that are able to develop into many different cell types. This can range from muscle cells to brain cells. In some cases, they can also fix damaged tissues. Researchers believe that stem cell-based therapies may one day be used to treat serious illnesses such as paralysis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, holds tremendous promise as an alternative treatment for medical conditions that typically require surgery to fix. Many people who experience shoulder arthritis, rotator cuff tears, and other joint-related injuries and degenerative conditions may find stem cell therapy offers better results while avoiding the typical side effects of surgery.

While very promising, this therapy can be quite costly and can involve a certain level of risk. As we age, our stem cells decline in their ability to function and heal our bodies. But how can we access the power of stem cell therapy without the cost and the risk associated with traditional stem cell injections? What if we could activate the body’s own inherent stem cell production?

A non-transdermal patch technology called LifeWave’s X39® is a form of phototherapy that has been clinically proven to increase the body’s own stem cell production in a matter of hours or days. As a result, many report a level of health and vitality that many have not experienced in years.

  • When this wearable technology is applied to the body, it reflects back specific wavelengths of light back toward the body

  • This, in turn, signals the body to elevate the GHK-Cu copper peptide.

  • We all have GHK-Cu peptide in our bodies. This peptide is responsible for regulating stem cell production.

  • LifeWave’s X39® is the result of over 80 clinical studies and 20 years of research

  • LifeWave X39® phototherapy patches are activated by your body’s heat

TYPICAL HEALTH BENEFITS. HOW QUICKLY DO PEOPLE EXPERIENCE X39’S BENEFITS? There are millions of genetic differences that make you – uniquely you… so everybody’s results and speed of results
will vary.

• Many Within 24 Hours: Many experience rapid and noticeable health benefits using X39®… benefits they often
feel the very first day.
• Others Need A Longer Period Of Time, up to three weeks or longer.
• The X39® non-transdermal patch technology is to apply, wear and remove – 12 hours on, 12 hours off. The patch is super-thin, virtually weightless, very comfortable. you won’t even know you have it on, and it even stays on during a shower or a swim!

What is Phototherapy?

The science of phototherapy, which has been around for about 100 years, uses light to improve the health of the body. And modern forms of phototherapy such as Low-Level Laser Therapy, which helps reduce wrinkles in the skin, are very well understood scientifically. But this idea is nothing new. As far back as two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks had a center for studying the effects of different colored lights on human health. Even the ancient Egyptians, who promoted health by focusing sunlight through colored glass on certain areas of the body, understood this concept.

What Makes One Lifewave Patch Different than Another?

​Each patch is exclusively designed to reflect particular wavelengths of light that stimulate specific points on the skin. This enables each patch to provide unique health benefits (e.g. pain relief, increased energy, etc.). No drugs or chemicals enter your body.

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Why Use Lifewave Phototherapy Patches?

  • They are very safe. They do not interfere with medications or and they do not have harmful side effects. The devices immediately stop working upon removal.

  • They are very easy and convenient to use.  Just apply and go! Remove after 12 hours.

  • They can improve the quality of your life.  Many who use the patches report less body pain, including joint pain, headaches, and back pain. We have found them to support healthy stress responses and reduce both emotional and physical tension related to stress. Many report improved sleep – both quality and quantity. Others notice a tremendous increase in energy and mental clarity.

  • They are a great option for people with allergies and food sensitivities.  Some patients are sensitive, and those folks can have bad reactions to herbs and supplements – like headaches or anxiety. Other patients have delicate digestion, and they easily experience stomach upset when using those types of products.  What’s great about Lifewave Phototherapy is that the patches simply reflect the body’s natural infrared light back at the skin.  There is no impact on the digestive system or liver/kidneys in regard to the digestive processing or detoxification of this product! The only allergy risk is related to the adhesive attached to the patch itself. However, since the patch is active on both sides, you can just stick the patch directly to clothing instead of the skin, and avoid the adhesive risk altogether.​

Stem cell patch therapy is an exciting technology but it may not be right for everyone. To schedule an evaluation, please contact our office for more information!