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“Dr. Martin Van Lear is a super smart and caring healer. He is up to date on all of the cutting-edge wisdom for a broad range of health issues. My digestive health was in disarray, and he helped me work through SIBO and my digestive health. Martin is also helping me to balance my hormones and to manage the pain from a sports injury. Martin was suggested to me by my primary physician who thinks he’s super savvy and smart too. I appreciate all he has done for me.”

—Nicole B.—


“In just three weeks my energy levels and quality of life have improved exponentially. Dr. Martin listened, communicated and advised with great care and admiration as I shared my journey that brought me to him. When I left I was empowered with the ability to support myself and supplement the deficiencies my body needed addressing. Sometimes it takes someone like Dr. Martin to support our ability to THRIVE. I am beyond happy to have him in my corner.”

— Olivia A. Rich
“I have been suffering with digestive issues all my life, but they dramatically worsened after severe food poisoning in India. I had been previously ‘diagnosed’ with SIBO through describing my symptoms, and tried and failed to treat it with diet changes alone. Martin was able to get me the correct tests without overspending and treat my specific type of SIBO as per the results. He has a holistic whole mind and body approach, incorporating modern western technology and medicine with some eastern more traditional methods for the best results. He is very caring and thorough with after care and continuous treatment. I am feeling SO much better and extremely grateful for finding Tree of Light Health.”
— Sophie Ashworth
“A huge relief presented itself when I called The Tree of Light Health and was able to speak to Martin directly. It was a sign that I was in the right path to health. Martin immediately asked me what my concerns were and he quickly knew how to proceed. I’ve been having digestion issues, burping, bloating, and skin rashes. My medical experience with numerous tests and procedures left me without relief, and the symptoms persisted. I found The Tree of Light Health on the web, and read each and every review. I was totally convinced that this was the right path to take. I began my journey with Martin about 6 weeks ago. So far I have improved my digestion, the bloating has disappeared, I have lost weight and I am feeling great. Martin has been available and always answers my questions along with encouraging me fully. I recommend The Tree of Light Health practice to anyone in need of improving their health.”
— Teresa Cabrera
“When I came to Martin, I was incredibly sick. I’d been to numerous doctors, specialists, etc and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. After an hour in Martin’s chair and many questions later he turns to me and says “I think you have mold illness, and mold allergies, and I think your house is making you really sick.” Hearing this news put everything into perspective, it was like watching the puzzle pieces fit together in my story of being chronically ill for the last 3 years. Since moving out of my house 3 weeks ago and starting to take supplements under Martin’s care, I am slowly but surely starting to feel better. I feel like I’m gaining my life back! I’m incredibly grateful to Martin for being a kind, thoughtful, empathetic person who has really listened to me and taken me seriously. He has been the sole reason as to why I’ve been able to feel better and I can’t express my gratitude enough. I would highly suggest seeing Martin if you need answers and can’t seem to find them. He has helped me so much!”
— Sage Cohen
“I can not say enough great things about Martin and how he is positively impacting my healing. It is a breath of fresh air to encounter a provider who is knowledgeable, patient, empathetic and relentless in his pursuit of caring for and healing his patients. Martin really listens and I never feel rushed. He has helped me uncover the answer to my life long health struggles, which is now known to be from mold illness. I started treatment at the Tree of Light Health after I was released from a lengthy hospital stay where doctors had no answers and thought I was crazy. I lost all of my safe foods and was surviving on a tube feeding formula. My case was complicated by the fact that I could not tolerate foods or supplements, so we started with energy medicine and other non medicine therapies. I am now tolerating 9 foods and 4 medicines. I have returned to work and my chemical sensitivity is manageable. I look forward to all of the wonderful resources he recommends and continued healing. I simply can not recommend him enough.”
— Shondell Lawrence
“Dr. Martin Leer has been so informative, compassionate and effective in helping me manage issues with heavy metal toxicity, brain fog and fatigue issues, digestive issues, weight gain connected to a menopausal aftermath-also uncovered some mold toxicity. He did not overwhelm me with solutions and I have been able to easily incorporate into my life the advanced nutritional and detox program, advanced peptides for weight loss, immunotherapy for skin and digestive issues seeing consistent improvements over time. Since I have seen real results, I am able to add in longevity and healing treatments at home, ie advanced activated hydrogen/brown gas therapy. I truly am excited at 57 I can maintain a full and active life and can continue to live with great vitality and energy. I feel empowered and no longer feel powerless over the changes in my body. My husband who is not one to be as open as I is even partaking in the integrative medicine for nutrition, and vitality. So appreciative of all the options I now have for my wellness through the Tree of Light Health”
— Anisa Telwar Kaicker

“Martin is a wealth of knowledge and has been very helpful with my gut issues. Even though i’m in shape and ‘look’ healthy my brain fog was off the charts, had random constipation and migraines. I’d been struggling for years and went to another local doctor for this which just didn’t seem very helpful. I won’t mention the place but the man wouldn’t return emails, it seemed like a factory ran place. Martin does extensive testing and is so patient and eager to help. Turns out, Post infectious IBS and SIBO are two of my issues. I feel much better now after just a few months and am confident if i watch my eating and continue with certain supplements i’ll keep these issues at bay.”

— Suzette G
“I have been working with Martin for several months to help with autoimmune issues and low energy. My sleep was the first thing to improve, then my gut health improved and my digestion improved. I am 66 years old and have been struggling with these issues for most of my life. Today, I hiked 5 miles without getting tired and my husband couldn’t believe my increase in energy and stamina! I can’t tell you how great it is to have the energy and motivation to do the things I want to do. Martin is a true healer! He tries everything and doesn’t stop til he gets answers and healing! His compassion and determination are unmatched! I’ve been on this journey for 8 years with slow improvement but it wasn’t til I worked with Martin that I got true healing!”
— Gail Behm
“I have worked with Martin Van Lear for several years on issues such as hormonal support, detox and nutritional support, inflammation, mold sickness, and emotional/mental health support. He has helped me work through a lifetime of chronic health issues, which take a lot of time to heal. I no longer get every cold, or have multiple sinus infections, and my environmental allergies have reduced. My use of prescription medicines has decreased quite a bit. I’m so grateful to him for his knowledge, support, and willingness to try different solutions to combat my complex health problems. He is kind, compassionate, understanding, and just a wonderful person. I highly recommend his services!”
— Elin Begley
“Mr. VanLear is incredible at what he does, and a very compassionate understanding person. I had severe mold poisoning/biotoxin illness, which caused major gut issues, UTIs, sleep issues, menstrual, anxiety, mast cell activation syndrome, CIRS, as well as environmental and chemical sensitivities…. so bad that for many months I could not leave home without my full respirator, the reactions were debilitating. I was doing a lot of my own research and trying to self-heal with diet, and I did not trust any doctors, as none of them could help me for 5 years. But with Martin’s very mindful approach and advanced, highly accurate methods of testing, I finally had answers. Some of the treatments included specialized naturopathic medicines, lifestyle guidance, carnivore/low carb diet guidance, mold mycotoxin detox protocol, and LDI (Low Dose Immunotherapy). Excellent communication with him and I have been able to gain a ton of knowledge, understanding of all the how’s and why’s. Doing all of these things, I now have my life back. I am free from all of the issues listed above, and my overactive immune system has calmed down greatly. I go out all the time without the mask! I’m experiencing so much good energy and a quality of life I barely realized possible. I’m beginning to go off of the medicines now, as I heal more I don’t need them. It’s still a bit of a work in progress, but there is an end near in sight! I’m forever grateful.”
— Eliana Rose
“My experience with Martin Van Lear at Tree of Light Health has been life changing and I wish I would have started seeing him earlier. He helped with SEBIO, adrenal fatigue, mineral deficiencies, parasites, and energy levels. The results have left a tremendously positive impact on my life. I highly recommend Martin – he is professional, knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, and easy to work with for accomplishing specific health goals.”
— Katie Bishop
“I have been struggling with SIBO, leaky gut, and other issues for over 3 years now. I am a young mom and my health kept deteriorating every year. I saw multiple providers and they never fully listened to me and many just thought they knew what was wrong and proceeded with out actually investigating. It made me research things myself. I am so thankful I found Martin he is very passionate about helping people and is willing to listen and investigate. I also have alpha gal syndrome which makes me allergic to all mammal meat and byproducts. He is the first person that is willing to work around this difficult obstacle in my healing process. It’s a process but for the first time I have hope that my health will be restored. Martin is a God send!!”
— Nina Strayer

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Do you find yourself pondering a myriad of questions about your health? From hormone imbalances to gut issues, nutritional deficiencies, and even concerns about Lyme disease, mold, or heavy metals…? The list can seem endless.

At Tree of Light Health in Atlanta, we understand that exploring each of these questions can consume both time and resources. Our promise is to help you efficiently and affordably uncover the root causes of your chronic health challenges, so you can progress on your healing journey.

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