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Integrative Medical Services in Atlanta, GA

Our Integrative Medicine Services in Atlanta, GA

Our Holistic Experts in Atlanta, GA provide a variety of different treatments for many conditions that blend traditional and functional medicine practices together. Here’s just a glimpse of what Tree of Light provides:

The Autonomic Response Technique (ART) is a subset of Energy Medicine. The body can be assessed to see which organ systems are out of balance and what is causing those imbalances. This is done using a sophisticated form of muscle testing or Kinesiology.

Autonomic Response Testing, developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D., and Louisa Williams, DC, ND, is a method that utilizes muscle testing and biofeedback of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) to assess and treat disturbances in bodily function, not specific diseases. It combines American Applied Kinesiology with German Neural Therapy principles to create a structured and reliable muscle testing biofeedback system. This approach helps holistic/integrative doctors identify ANS issues and address them, ultimately aiming to restore the body’s self-regulating mechanisms and promote overall health.

For more information on ART, go here for a more in-depth article and videos.

PRP Advanced Therapy harnesses the power of your own blood, concentrating platelets to a personalized dosage tailored to your specific disease condition. Once processed, the enriched solution is reintroduced into your body, facilitating self-healing.

This innovative therapy has demonstrated exceptional efficacy in providing symptom relief and potentially reversing various disease conditions. With its inherent safety and minimal risk profile, it’s a preferred choice for many patients.

Watch our webinar to delve into the extensive benefits of IV Platelet Therapy.

Functional laboratory testing can be a valuable tool and provide insights into complex chronic health conditions and those seeking optimal wellness. Some testing can be performed in the comfort of your own home. In addition, some functional laboratory testing can be performed and billed under insurance. For more details, please get in touch with our office. Some examples of these tests are listed below:

Functional Thyroid Testing

Heavy Metals Testing

Micronutrient testing

Stool Testing:

Hormone testing

DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones)

Organic Acids Test (OAT Test)

SIBO Breath Test

IGG Food Sensitivity Panel

Autoimmune and Celiac Panels

Lyme Disease Panels

Mold and Mycotoxin Testing

Genetics Testing

Testing for environmental toxicity

For more information, please see this article.

Biofeedback is simply a way to retrieve information from the body. This, combined with a thorough history and physical exam, standard blood work, functional medicine testing, diagnostics, and other diagnostics, help us to get a more comprehensive view of the patient.

Please read this short article for more information on this technique and how we implement it.

We combine standard lab testing, advanced biofeedback testing, functional nutrition testing, and genetic evaluation to determine what nutrients are needed by the body for optimal wellness. Our approach is dependent on your age, your sex, your genetics, your stress levels, your toxin load, your immune system, your particular health challenges, nutritional goals, and others:


Nutritional support for optimal wellness. There are certain nutrients that we use to optimize general health and wellness, to prevent oxidative stress, and to assist with stress, bone mineralization, and overall anti-aging. We work with many who are seeking to obtain optimal wellness, including busy executives, soccer moms, athletes, and many others who simply want to perform better.

Nutritional support for acute health challenges. Sometimes higher doses of various nutrients are needed for certain acute conditions such as fatigue, detoxification, and antimicrobial support. This includes IV nutritional therapy for hydration, immune support, and detoxification.

Nutritional support for Covid-19.

Specialized nutritional support for chronic illness. We use targeted nutrition to support those suffering from chronic illness, such as those suffering from Mold and/or Lyme illness, parasite illness, depression, and anxiety, and many others.

Nutrigenomics is the study of how our genes interact with our nutrition. It involves a comprehensive look at one’s genetic makeup and how that may affect our nutritional status, which in turn can affect everything from our mood, sleep, energy levels, metabolism, and much more. When viewed in this way, the need for certain nutrients is different for each individual. We work with several different advanced genetic analysis programs to give you a more complete picture of how your genes might be affecting your health.

Low dose immunotherapy, (LDI), is a revolutionary treatment that has been shown to provide dramatic relief of symptoms and improvement in health for patients with a wide range of chronic illnesses, including food allergies and chemical sensitivities, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, interstitial cystitis, and lupus. It is effective and originally used for chronic allergies, where the treatment is called Low Dose Allergen (LDA). For more information, read this article.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent is a system of treatment using microamperage current and the resonance effects of frequencies on tissues and conditions to create beneficial changes in symptoms and health. This new refinement of microcurrent technology – tiny “doses” of electrical energy – uses very specific frequencies of energy applied to the body in sequence. Correct frequencies are determined by direct observation of how the body responds to them. See this article for more information.

The science of phototherapy, which has been around for about 100 years, uses light to improve the health of the body.

Many who use the patches report less body pain, including joint pain, headaches, and back pain. We have found them to support healthy stress response and reduce both emotional and physical tension related to stress. Many report improved sleep – both quality and quantity. Others notice a tremendous increase in energy and mental clarity.

Studies have shown that giving NAD precursors, and or supporting NAD levels to healthy levels, can provide many anti-aging benefits. In addition, many who have supplemented with NAD or NAD precursors have reported the following benefits*:

Helps with fatigue

Assist with brain fog

Helps to convert energy from carbs, fats, and proteins,

Aids in athletic recovery

Increase in concentration, mental clarity, memory, and mood

Increase in motivation


Many times, when dealing with chronic illness, emotional health can decline. We find that approximately 20% of all chronic illness has some form of emotional cause or trigger. Often, emotional work is put off until the end of the healing journey; however, we found great benefit if it is sincerely engaged in the beginning. If you are struggling with any form of anxiety or depression, sadness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Childhood traumas (see ACE*), etc. your healing may be delayed. Many who are dealing with chronic illness state they that their illness was triggered by an emotional trauma-e.g. divorce/break-up, death of loved one, etc…

For more info, read this article.

Hormonal health is critical for youthful aging, immune function, athletic performance, proper sleep, and much more. Hormones naturally decline with age during perimenopause/menopause andropause etc. and this can adversely affect energy levels, sleep, libido, etc. In addition, hormone function is being adversely affected by the increasing levels of toxic chemicals in our environment. In contrast to synthetic hormone replacement, natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a wonderful way to keep hormones balanced and optimized to support not only the healthy aging process but to give the body the support it needs to deal with chronic health challenges. Please reach out to us today about how we can help you to optimize your hormonal health!

Change Your Life w/ PRP

At Tree of Light Health, we’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking new therapy to Georgia! TruDOSE™ IV Platelet Therapy is changing the game in treating conditions that were once thought untreatable. Our PRP Advanced Therapy harnesses your body’s natural healing abilities by concentrating platelets specifically for your condition. This personalized method targets lingering immune and repair issues, as well as key factors contributing to inflammation and bodily breakdown (as highlighted on this page).

Unchecked, these unresolved issues compel the body to systematically deactivate cellular, organ, and metabolic functions in a sequence known only to the body. As functions decline, symptoms emerge, contributing to the development of various disease conditions.

By intervening in this cycle, PRP Therapy offers a promising pathway toward alleviating symptoms, potentially reversing conditions, and breaking the cycle of perpetual systemic inflammation. Due to high demand, appointments are booked months in advance. Don’t miss out – call today to secure your spot!

Our Satisfied Customers in Atlanta, GA

Kaley Fowlkes
Kaley Fowlkes
I am so grateful I found Tree of Light Health. Martin Van Lear was incredibly helpful, made me feel heard, and was understanding of what I could and couldn’t handle financially in the case of certain tests we could do. I felt very comfortable in office and feel encouraged moving forward with my health.
Alyson Moree
Alyson Moree
Mr Van Lear has been a major blessing in my life. He has helped me with my leaky gut and mold detoxification. He is prompt when responding to my emails with questions. He is really knowledgeable in all areas in order to live a healthy and balanced life. I will highly recommend him to friends and family.
I've had two appointments with Martin van Lear @ Tree of Life Holistic Health Medicine and made more progress with Martin than I had in several years of seeing multiple other doctors. For starters, Martin provided me with a correct diagnosis: CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), sometimes called "mold sensitivity" or "mold allergy", which is more serious than that sounds. Martin is well-versed in standard allopathic medicine, alternative medical modalities, and naturopathic ones, too. He brings a really impressive knowledge base that you simply do not find these days, and then applies his vast knowledge to your specific situation in a personalized, caring manner. Most of what I have done so far is lab work to verify the diagnosis plus some "supportive" measures to help me feel better until I can start the protocol. Step 1 of the protocol is Remove from Exposure. I didn't know I was in exposure. Unfortunately, my new house (spotless, no smells, no visual anything) somehow tested poorly. Thus, a remediation is scheduled for next week. Although not strictly his bailiwick, Martin was very helpful in connecting me to the proper remediation company and answered more questions on this than you can probably imagine. Martin even attended the Zoom call we had with the technical expert and project manager of the remediation company. Something I didn't know until the meeting starting. A pleasant surprise. They have worked together before and having Martin's medical expertise and understanding of my condition paired w/ the remediation company's procedures and goals was very helpful. Once we complete Step 1, we can move on to Step 2 (it is a 12-step protocol). Others who have been through this process consistently report that Steps 1 & 2 have the greatest positive impact (they are also the hardest, however!), so I am looking forward to making substantial progress in the coming weeks. Martin has been terrific about so many things: 1) most importantly, perhaps, is that he diagnosed my root cause issue correctly, 2) he requested the labs to verify and quantify that Dx -- and got the labs paid for by insurance, 3) provided a proper, clearly articulated protocol to follow that is scientifically-proven to not merely alleviate symptoms, but also to actually correct the root cause issues, and 4) described how everything works together and in my particular instance. The whole process unfortunately takes a fair bit of time. Current estimates are approximately 18-24 months post-remediation. I'll provide an update or two along the way. For now, it's just such a relief to finally find someone who understands my condition exactly and has a clinically proven protocol to get me better.
Stan and Allie Johnson
Stan and Allie Johnson
I’ve struggled with chronic health issues for several years as a result of mold toxicity. I’ve gone to my PCP, ENTs and different allergists who all pointed me to different RXs, steroids or who wanted me to get surgery as a first resort. No one could tell me what was wrong other than to try and treat the symptoms I had. All the “fixes” were short term and I continued to inevitably get sick over and over again and it all worsened over time. Fast forward a few years to this past February—I came across a mold toxicity webinar from Martin where I learned a lot of great info. But most importantly I felt like I was listening to someone who was describing my exact condition and understood what I was going through. After watching it I took the jump to see this for myself and give him a chance. Through my experience this far—2 office visits, supplementation, exercise and proper nutrition—I’m back to feeling more like myself than I have in the past few years. There’s still work to be done—but I’m confident that I’m on a path of holistic healing. I’m so grateful for this practice and I hope you will give it a chance—you owe it to yourself and the ones you care about.
suzette g
suzette g
Martin is a wealth of knowledge and has been very helpful with my gut issues. Even though i'm in shape and 'look' healthy my brain fog was off the charts, had random constipation and migraines. I'd been struggling for years and went to another local doctor for this which just didn't seem very helpful. I won't mention the place but the man wouldn't return emails, it seemed like a factory ran place. Martin does extensive testing and is so patient and eager to help. Turns out, Post infectious IBS and SIBO are two of my issues. I feel much better now after just a few months and am confident if i watch my eating and continue with certain supplements i'll keep these issues at bay.
Liz Haight
Liz Haight
Martin has been wonderful to work with in my healing journey. I am treating with Martin for autoimmune issues and Lyme disease. He is a practitioner that truly cares and dedicated to your healing. I have learned a lot about health and nutrition from him. My symptoms have improved and continuing to improve in his care - I am so grateful for that. I appreciate that he uses a proper mix of western and holistic medicine, when needed. He also has innovative treatments at his clinic. I am very thankful for everything Martin has done for me and continues to do!
Molly Mathes
Molly Mathes
I have had nothing but positive experiences with Martin and Tree of Light Health. Martin first helped me navigate several symptoms that were affecting my quality of life. Now that I am feeling healthy and full of energy overall, I am working with Martin towards optimal health. Martin is very in tune with what our bodies need to thrive, especially in a world that works against our bodies and our mental, physical, and spiritual health. I highly recommend Martin and Tree of Light Health if you are looking for alternate ways of treating, nourishing, and supporting your body.
Eileen Kelly
Eileen Kelly
So glad I was referred to Martin and Tree of Light! I was suffering from Vertigo and some other symptoms with no clear answers after multiple ER and specialist visits. I feel so much more confident that my overall health and wellbeing are his primary goals. Martin's breadth of knowledge and willingness to take the time to truly engage with me in depth is so radically different than traditional medicine. I highly recommend this practice!
Kelli Crowe
Kelli Crowe
I have been very happy with the care and scope of knowledge I found at Tree of Light Health. During 15 years of deteriorating health I saw a lot of doctors, paid a lot of money and lost hope of ever getting better. Even with my complex mold issues, I left my first appointment with answers and a plan for getting better. And I am getting better. I just can't think of a better review than to say I was very very sick and now I am getting better.
ms mildred
ms mildred
I am leary of traditional pharmakeia and medicine as a whole. Martin alleviates normal concerns due to his attentive listening and alternative solutions to life long health issues. I feel I am making progress which I have not through take this pill and see me in six months type practices. His immediate attention through email and communication is fabulous. I cannot recommend him enough I just wish I had discovered him sooner.

The Physical Body, The Energy Body, The Mental Body, The Intuitive Body + The Spirit Body are the various levels where healing can take place, and this does not have to occur in any particular order. The overall goal is to bring about healing in all five levels simultaneously.

Looking for specific information or research? Search our site below for articles, blogs or content that may cover your questions

Looking for specific information or research?

Do you find yourself pondering a myriad of questions about your health? From hormone imbalances to gut issues, nutritional deficiencies, and even concerns about Lyme disease, mold, or heavy metals…? The list can seem endless.

At Tree of Light Health in Atlanta, we understand that exploring each of these questions can consume both time and resources. Our promise is to help you efficiently and affordably uncover the root causes of your chronic health challenges, so you can progress on your healing journey.

With Tree of Light Health, you’ll experience a compassionate and holistic approach that blends Traditional, Biological, Functional, and Integrative Medicine. Our commitment is to provide honest and responsive care, with patient visits typically lasting 1-4 hours. Let’s embark on your path to well-being together!

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