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Tree of Light Health offers a compassionate, holistic approach to addressing chronic health issues through a blend of Traditional, Biological, Functional, and Integrative Medicine in Decatur and greater Atlanta, GA

Over 40 years of combined experience in conventional and alternative medication, Just 15 Mins Drive to Decatur, GA

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Why Holistic Care

Do you find yourself pondering a myriad of questions about your health? From hormone imbalances to gut issues, nutritional deficiencies, and even concerns about Lyme disease, mold, or heavy metals…? The list can seem endless.

At Tree of Light Health in Atlanta, we understand that exploring each of these questions can consume both time and resources. Our promise is to help you efficiently and affordably uncover the root causes of your chronic health challenges, so you can progress on your healing journey.

Our Holistic Practitioners will provide you with a compassionate approach that blends Traditional, Biological, Functional, and Integrative Medicine. Our commitment is to provide honest and responsive care, with patient visits typically lasting 1-4 hours. Let’s embark on your path to well-being together!

Comprehensive Holistic Health Care in Atlanta

Tree of Light Health offers a compassionate, holistic approach to addressing chronic health issues through a blend of Traditional, Biological, Functional, and Integrative Medicine. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, we specialize in treating conditions such as hormone imbalances, gut issues, Lyme disease, mold toxicity, and more.

Our experienced team is dedicated to uncovering root causes of health problems and providing personalized, in-depth care. Patients can expect thorough consultations, a variety of treatment modalities, and a focus on long-term well-being.

Why People in Atlanta Love Our Treatments

Kaley Fowlkes
Kaley Fowlkes
I am so grateful I found Tree of Light Health. Martin Van Lear was incredibly helpful, made me feel heard, and was understanding of what I could and couldn’t handle financially in the case of certain tests we could do. I felt very comfortable in office and feel encouraged moving forward with my health.
Alyson Moree
Alyson Moree
Mr Van Lear has been a major blessing in my life. He has helped me with my leaky gut and mold detoxification. He is prompt when responding to my emails with questions. He is really knowledgeable in all areas in order to live a healthy and balanced life. I will highly recommend him to friends and family.
I've had two appointments with Martin van Lear @ Tree of Life Holistic Health Medicine and made more progress with Martin than I had in several years of seeing multiple other doctors. For starters, Martin provided me with a correct diagnosis: CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), sometimes called "mold sensitivity" or "mold allergy", which is more serious than that sounds. Martin is well-versed in standard allopathic medicine, alternative medical modalities, and naturopathic ones, too. He brings a really impressive knowledge base that you simply do not find these days, and then applies his vast knowledge to your specific situation in a personalized, caring manner. Most of what I have done so far is lab work to verify the diagnosis plus some "supportive" measures to help me feel better until I can start the protocol. Step 1 of the protocol is Remove from Exposure. I didn't know I was in exposure. Unfortunately, my new house (spotless, no smells, no visual anything) somehow tested poorly. Thus, a remediation is scheduled for next week. Although not strictly his bailiwick, Martin was very helpful in connecting me to the proper remediation company and answered more questions on this than you can probably imagine. Martin even attended the Zoom call we had with the technical expert and project manager of the remediation company. Something I didn't know until the meeting starting. A pleasant surprise. They have worked together before and having Martin's medical expertise and understanding of my condition paired w/ the remediation company's procedures and goals was very helpful. Once we complete Step 1, we can move on to Step 2 (it is a 12-step protocol). Others who have been through this process consistently report that Steps 1 & 2 have the greatest positive impact (they are also the hardest, however!), so I am looking forward to making substantial progress in the coming weeks. Martin has been terrific about so many things: 1) most importantly, perhaps, is that he diagnosed my root cause issue correctly, 2) he requested the labs to verify and quantify that Dx -- and got the labs paid for by insurance, 3) provided a proper, clearly articulated protocol to follow that is scientifically-proven to not merely alleviate symptoms, but also to actually correct the root cause issues, and 4) described how everything works together and in my particular instance. The whole process unfortunately takes a fair bit of time. Current estimates are approximately 18-24 months post-remediation. I'll provide an update or two along the way. For now, it's just such a relief to finally find someone who understands my condition exactly and has a clinically proven protocol to get me better.
Stan and Allie Johnson
Stan and Allie Johnson
I’ve struggled with chronic health issues for several years as a result of mold toxicity. I’ve gone to my PCP, ENTs and different allergists who all pointed me to different RXs, steroids or who wanted me to get surgery as a first resort. No one could tell me what was wrong other than to try and treat the symptoms I had. All the “fixes” were short term and I continued to inevitably get sick over and over again and it all worsened over time. Fast forward a few years to this past February—I came across a mold toxicity webinar from Martin where I learned a lot of great info. But most importantly I felt like I was listening to someone who was describing my exact condition and understood what I was going through. After watching it I took the jump to see this for myself and give him a chance. Through my experience this far—2 office visits, supplementation, exercise and proper nutrition—I’m back to feeling more like myself than I have in the past few years. There’s still work to be done—but I’m confident that I’m on a path of holistic healing. I’m so grateful for this practice and I hope you will give it a chance—you owe it to yourself and the ones you care about.
suzette g
suzette g
Martin is a wealth of knowledge and has been very helpful with my gut issues. Even though i'm in shape and 'look' healthy my brain fog was off the charts, had random constipation and migraines. I'd been struggling for years and went to another local doctor for this which just didn't seem very helpful. I won't mention the place but the man wouldn't return emails, it seemed like a factory ran place. Martin does extensive testing and is so patient and eager to help. Turns out, Post infectious IBS and SIBO are two of my issues. I feel much better now after just a few months and am confident if i watch my eating and continue with certain supplements i'll keep these issues at bay.
Liz Haight
Liz Haight
Martin has been wonderful to work with in my healing journey. I am treating with Martin for autoimmune issues and Lyme disease. He is a practitioner that truly cares and dedicated to your healing. I have learned a lot about health and nutrition from him. My symptoms have improved and continuing to improve in his care - I am so grateful for that. I appreciate that he uses a proper mix of western and holistic medicine, when needed. He also has innovative treatments at his clinic. I am very thankful for everything Martin has done for me and continues to do!
Molly Mathes
Molly Mathes
I have had nothing but positive experiences with Martin and Tree of Light Health. Martin first helped me navigate several symptoms that were affecting my quality of life. Now that I am feeling healthy and full of energy overall, I am working with Martin towards optimal health. Martin is very in tune with what our bodies need to thrive, especially in a world that works against our bodies and our mental, physical, and spiritual health. I highly recommend Martin and Tree of Light Health if you are looking for alternate ways of treating, nourishing, and supporting your body.
Eileen Kelly
Eileen Kelly
So glad I was referred to Martin and Tree of Light! I was suffering from Vertigo and some other symptoms with no clear answers after multiple ER and specialist visits. I feel so much more confident that my overall health and wellbeing are his primary goals. Martin's breadth of knowledge and willingness to take the time to truly engage with me in depth is so radically different than traditional medicine. I highly recommend this practice!
Kelli Crowe
Kelli Crowe
I have been very happy with the care and scope of knowledge I found at Tree of Light Health. During 15 years of deteriorating health I saw a lot of doctors, paid a lot of money and lost hope of ever getting better. Even with my complex mold issues, I left my first appointment with answers and a plan for getting better. And I am getting better. I just can't think of a better review than to say I was very very sick and now I am getting better.
ms mildred
ms mildred
I am leary of traditional pharmakeia and medicine as a whole. Martin alleviates normal concerns due to his attentive listening and alternative solutions to life long health issues. I feel I am making progress which I have not through take this pill and see me in six months type practices. His immediate attention through email and communication is fabulous. I cannot recommend him enough I just wish I had discovered him sooner.

Conditions Our Holistic Approach Treats in Atlanta, GA

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue ME/CFS:

Post-exertional fatigue

Sleep disturbances– sleeping too much or too little.

Attention deficit disorder and Brain fog

Intermittent fevers

Feeling wobbly or unsteady


Body Pain

POTS-Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.

Muscular aches and pains

Sore throats and tender glands

Problems with temperature control


We found the key to treatment is identifying and treating the triggers of the Cell Danger Response. Given the fact that there could be many triggers, this is not an easy task. Treating any underlying mast cell disorders is often a key priority. At the same time, supporting various detoxification pathways, supporting methylation, and mental and emotional support are often needed. Various organ systems, such as the adrenals and thyroid, may need to be rebooted and supported. Hormone replacement is often needed.

Read this article for more information on Chronic Fatigue.

Another condition that is often masked as chronic fatigue is Adrenal Fatigue. For more information, go here

Symptoms of acute Lyme may include:

A red rash called erythema migrans (EM). Most people with Lyme disease get this rash. It gets bigger over several days and may feel warm. It is usually not painful or itchy. …





Muscle and joint aches.

Swollen lymph nodes.

Symptoms of Chronic or Persistent Lyme may include:


Restless sleep


Aching joints or muscles

Pain or swelling in the knees, shoulders, elbows, and other large joints

Decreased short-term memory or ability to concentrate

Speech problems


Treating coinfections can result in a dramatic reduction of symptoms and people feel like they have beaten their Lyme disease. In reality, the Lyme infection is likely still present and must be addressed with comprehensive treatment.

While treatment directed at the Lyme bacteria is essential, so are treatments targeted at the coinfections, especially viruses and parasites. Since most patients present with chronic Lyme that has been undiagnosed or untreated for months, years, or decades, lots of time has passed for these infections to take hold in the body. This is one of the primary reasons why recovery from Lyme disease is so tricky. You are not battling one bacteria; you are fighting multiple infections that invade many different body parts.

In summary, Lyme is a very complex and misunderstood illness. We combine the very best functional and integrative approaches to evaluate and treat Lyme and Co-infections.

Read this article for a fuller exploration of Lyme disease and its coinfections

Some of the potential causes for auto-immunity may include:

Toxins (such as Mercury and Heavy Metals)

Low-grade chronic infections, such as Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)

Stress (including mental and emotional stress)

Leaky Gut Syndrome

And many other stressors…

Often, the source of auto-immunity is Leaky Gut Syndrome, where undigested proteins may be mistaken as foreign. Through molecular mimicry, the body proceeds to attack these proteins, which unfortunately may have a similar structure to proteins that make up the thyroid tissue, resulting in thyroid tissue antibody formation, leading to a condition called Hashimotos Thyroiditis. Similarly, the body may mistakenly attack collagen and produce autoantibodies against its joint tissues, leading to Rheumatoid Arthritis.

For more info on autoimmune disease, read this article

Symptoms of low thyroid function may include:

low energy


inability to concentrate or memory problems

cold intolerance

poor digestion, constipation, etc.

sleep disorders-either sleeping too much or too little

brittle nails

hair loss

low libido

For more information on Thyroid disorders, read this article

If you have any of the following symptoms, then heavy metal toxicity could be affecting your health:




Mental “fogginess”

Anxiety and depression

Deteriorating eye health

Memory problems

Poor kidney function

Digestive problems

Tingling sensations in the hands, feet, and/or around the mouth

Poor immune function (recurrent infections, an autoimmune disease)

The heavy metals in the environment that are most commonly found to be linked to adverse health problems include:





For more information on heavy metal toxicity, read this article

some of the signs and symptoms of chronic mold exposure include:

♦Fatigue ♦Weakness ♦Aches ♦Muscle Cramps ♦Unusual Pain ♦Ice Pick Pain ♦Headache ♦Light Sensitivity ♦Red Eyes ♦Blurred Vision ♦Tearing ♦Sinus Problems ♦Cough ♦Shortness of Breath ♦Abdominal Pain ♦Diarrhea ♦Joint Pain ♦Morning Stiffness ♦Memory Issues ♦Focus/Concentration Issues ♦Word Recollection Issues ♦Decreased Learning of New Knowledge ♦Confusion ♦Disorientation ♦Skin Sensitivity ♦Mood Swings ♦Appetite Swings ♦Sweats (especially night sweats) ♦Temperature Regulation or Dysregulation Problems ♦Excessive Thirst ♦Increased Urination ♦Static Shocks ♦Numbness ♦Tingling ♦Vertigo ♦Metallic Taste ♦Tremors


We use a combination of mycotoxin binders, antifungals, immune support, detoxification support, emotional support, and various organ supports. We find that frequency-specific microcurrent to be a helpful adjunctive treatment. There are also various ways to reduce multiple accounts in the home.

For more information on mold and mycotoxins, read this article

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, you may have CIRS:

Light sensitivity
Memory issues
Word searching

Difficulty concentrating Numbness/tingling
Unusual skin-sensations
Red eyes

Blurred vision
Confusion/Brain Fog
Icepick-­‐like pains
Mood disturbances

Vertigo Disorientation
Metallic taste
Tearing of the eyes

Body temperature
Body aches
Muscle pain
Shortness of breath
Sinus issues

Increased thirst
Urinary frequency
High or low appetite
Abdominal Pain

Gastrointestinal issues
Static shocks


Visual contrast sensitivity (VCS) testing measures the ability to see details at low contrast levels and is typically used as a nonspecific test of neurological functions

For more in-depth information on CIRS, read this article.

Unfortunately, SIBO is not recognized as a medical condition, and many go undiagnosed and untreated. One can experience gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, abdominal pain, food allergies, or other symptoms of IBS. Due to antibiotic use, environmental toxins, and infections, we have seen a dramatic rise in SIBO and IBS-related cases. SIBO can be a precursor to Autoimmune diseases, joint pain, brain fog, nutritional deficiencies, and many other conditions.


Treatment may include digestive enzymes, betaine, cultured foods, special diets like FODMAPS, vagal nerve supports, elimination diets, specialty pre-biotics, specialized probiotics, herbal anti-bacterial and anti-fungal regimens, and herbal and pharmaceutical prokinetics, as well as prescription antibiotics and/or antifungal treatment.

For more info, please read this article and watch the video

Some symptoms of Candida overgrowth may include:

Feeling tired, worn down, or suffering from chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia

In men, a red rash, itching, and burning on the penis.

In women, vaginal itching, soreness, and redness; a white, clumpy discharge from the vagina; and painful or uncomfortable intercourse

Difficulty concentrating, poor memory, lack of focus, ADD, ADHD, and brain fog

Severe seasonal allergies

Strong sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings

Irritability, mood swings, anxiety or depression

Digestive issues, including bloating, constipation, or diarrhea

Skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, hives, and rashes

White coat on the tongue, redness or discomfort in the mouth, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, or cracking at the corners of the mouth

Skin and nail fungal infections, which include athlete’s foot or toenail fungus


Some natural treatments include Caprylic acid, oregano oil, garlic, and black tea, all effective treatments for candida overgrowths. The beneficial yeast S. boulardii was also effective against candida overgrowth, decreasing the inflammation from the overgrowth and the spreading of candida in the gut. Generally, a Candida diet with limits on starchy sugars, carbs, sweets, alcohol, and fermented foods is recommended.

For more info, please read this article.

Read This article for a complete list of the conditions we have treated at Tree of Light Health

Our Approach

We are both Research-based and Intuitive, and always take the necessary time to understand your problem and find solutions to treat the Root Cause, not just the Symptoms. We want you to know that We Care and We Understand your frustration, especially when it comes to dealing with complex and chronic health challenges. 

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