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Quick Read:

  • Zinc, well known for its immune boosting effects, is a key weapon to fight Covid-19.

  • Are we all zinc deficient?

  • The real action behind Plaquenil (hint: a key mineral)

  • Taking zinc is not enough. How to get it in the cell!

Why is Zinc so important?

  • It has potent immune-enhancing effects

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, Zinc has potent anti-viral properties, especially against Coronavirus/SARS viruses:



The potential anti-viral effects of zinc:
1) Prevents viruses from attaching to your cells
2) Prevents viruses from replicating in your body
3) SARS/Coronavirus it is thought to use your own body’s ‘machinery’ to multiply and hijack your immune system–Zinc throws a wrench into every step of the viral replication process.

But I eat red meat. Zinc is in my multi-vitamin. Aren’t I getting enough?  Zinc deficiency is actually quite common. Here’s why:

Environmental toxins that affect Zinc absorption and bio-availability:

Therefore, to reduce the environmental exposure to Glyphosate, it is paramount to try to eat organic, non-GMO foods when possible. In addition, there are some of supplements that block glyphosate absorption, as well as to help to detoxify it. Please contact us for more details.

ALSO, our grain-based diets can LOWER our zinc levels. Phytates, which are natural compounds present in staple foods like cereals, corn and rice, have a strong negative effects on zinc absorption.

Chronic inflammation, as seen in chronic illness, leads to zinc deficiency. Kryptopyrroluria (KPU) is a tendency to lose Zinc and Vitamin B6.  This leads to neurological illness, immune dysfunction and other issues. Supplementing with Zinc and B6 can help to reverse KPU.



Dr. Klinghardt, Ph.d. MD., in working with Intensive Care Unit (ICU) doctors around the world, continues to report on what is working on the front lines. Earlier this week, we reported how Hydroxychloroquine or Plaquenil has shown promise in treating Coronavirus. He proposes that one of the reasons Plaquenil works so well against Coronavirus is because it functions to usher zinc into the cell, where it can kill the virus.

Key point: It is not enough just to take daily zinc for immune support. Here’s why:

  • To get zinc inside the cell to do its work against Coroavirus, it needs to be paired with an ionophore, or ‘ferry boat’ of sorts. Exactly how this works can be found here.

  • A natural way to get zinc into the cell is to take quercetin* daily with your zinc. Quercetin can also be found in certain foods.

  • Rose hips and Broccoli Spouts* are excellent sources of quercetin.

  • A homeopathic of 12x of zinc, taken along with zinc, helps to get it in the cell.*

  • For daily zinc, we like natural sources like beef liver* (don’t worry we carry the pill form:). Alternatively, some of you are taking a highly absorbable form of zinc called Ultrazin*.

  • A daily preventative dose of Zinc is about 30mg. However, if you get sick, you may need to increase this dose to about 100mg.

  • We like Zinc Gluconate throat lozenges made by Zicam.

NOTE: While the risk of Zinc toxicity is very low, there is controversy over taking zinc long term for many reasons, mostly due to its relationship to copper. Therefore, we recommend natural forms of zinc and ongoing monitoring and testing.
*We have these items in stock. Please Contact Us for more details.

We like Core from Biopure* It is paired with B-6,  which enhances absorption. If you get sick, Dr. Klinghardt recommends to have Core from Biopure on hand.  Please note: There are two forms of Biopure Core–the Core and Core-S, depending on any underlying Lyme activity. It is best to get tested to see which one works ideally for you.


  • Make sure you are geting enough zinc. Consider pairing it with Quercetin to get it into the cell. Rose Hips and Broccoli Sprouts are ideal sources.

  • CONSIDER adding having potent forms of zinc such Core from Biopure to your protocol or AT LEAST having it ON HAND should you get sick.

  • AT THE FIRST SIGNS OF ILLNESS, you may need to increase your zinc dose to 100mg per day or take two of the Core twice daily.

  • It is recommended to monitor your Zinc and Copper levels regularly.


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