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Exploring the Five Levels of Healing:

A Holistic Health Model by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

Our philosophy of healing is based on The Five Levels of Healing, which was derived by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.d., a German Homeopath and founder of The Klinghardt Institute.

These are the various levels of healing that can take place on the healing journey, and they do not have to take place in any particular order. The overall goal is to bring about healing in all five levels simultaneously.

Level One: The Physical Body

There are no truer words than our body is our temple. The physical body is made up of many complexities that we are just now beginning to understand–it is the foundation of our health. On this level, using various testing techniques, the most optimal diet and exercise plans are determined. In addition, heavy metals and other toxins are addressed, as well as hormones.

Level Two: The Energy Body

The body can be thought of as a bio-electrical system, with a longitudinal axis as well as a horizontal axis. This bio-field involves the meridians of the body and extends around the body. It can be accessed using traditional Acupuncture as seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine, or with the Autonomic Response Technique, as well as Neural Therapy. A good daily routine is to practice Qigong, which balances and brings harmony to the Energy Body. Spending time in nature and avoiding/reducing Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) helps to restore the Energy Body.

Level Three: The Mental Body

Our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes have a direct impact on our health. Often, if we have received a diagnosis, this belief has a powerful, often negative, effect on our ability to heal. Using a form of Energy Psychology, I work with patients to overcome false mental attitudes and beliefs. A powerful, yet simple, technique is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). The overall goal is to replace limiting beliefs with liberating beliefs, such as “I can get well. I will get well. I deserve to be well.”

Level Four: The Intuitive Body

I find that patient’s own intuition about their health condition is often overlooked by mainstream medicine. The intuitive body is the realm of dreams, intuition, archetypes, and metaphysical experiences. Sometimes trauma and unresolved conflicts from long ago can be an overlooked source of illness. This level is accessed using Hypnotherapy, Meditation, and Dr. Klinghardt’s Applied Psycho-neurobiology (APN) technique. When these, past issues are resolved and healing can be experienced in the present.

Level 5: The Spirit Body

The spirit body is the connection that we have to our higher power. Our ability to have faith in our higher power to bring about healing is a very powerful way to heal.