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How Stress Influences Chronic Illness and Overall Health

It’s not surprising that stress plays a central role in nearly every major chronic illness, contributing to around 90% of all health conditions.

When our body falls out of balance, it can become stuck in a prolonged state of stress known as sympathetic dominance or fight-or-flight mode. In this state, our ability to ADAPT and RESPOND to ongoing or additional stressors diminishes, leading to the development of CHRONIC issues such as fatigue, weight problems, anxiety, insomnia, pain, and digestive problems.

This situation is largely driven by the long-term stress hormone cortisol. While healthy cortisol levels are crucial for dealing with short-term stressors, prolonged elevated cortisol levels can lead to various detrimental consequences.

Stress comes in various forms, including overt stress from physical trauma, relationship issues, financial hardships, and other obvious sources. However, HIDDEN forms of stress are more common and involve cumulative stress from factors like infections, toxins, nutrient deficiencies, electromagnetic radiation, emotional stressors, and more. These hidden stressors can add up, resulting in fatigue, sleep disturbances, and numerous other symptoms.

Identifying and reducing or eliminating these stressors can be a challenging task. To pinpoint the root causes of illness, we combine traditional medicine, integrative/functional medicine, and energy medicine techniques. This approach allows us to assess potentially hundreds or thousands of functional disturbances in the body—issues that often go undetected through standard blood work and diagnostics. Functional disturbances persist despite negative test results and can originate from various sources, including heavy metals, environmental toxins, infections (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites), nutrient deficiencies, allergies, emotional factors, dental problems, electromagnetic/Geopathic stressors, DNA stressors, and structural issues (e.g., dental or chiropractic).

Once we identify and address the root causes, the body can transition into a more relaxed, healing state, and the journey toward wellness can commence.

However, sometimes, despite dietary and lifestyle changes, supplements, medications, and other therapies, symptoms persist. This is because the fundamental root cause of chronic illness often lies within our cellular powerhouses—our mitochondria. When mitochondria become damaged over time, they lose their ability to function properly, hindering their capacity to repair and recover from daily wear and tear.

Nevertheless, when we nourish and support our mitochondria, the body gains the necessary tools to facilitate self-healing.

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