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What Is TruDOSE™?

What Is TruDOSE™?


TruDOSE™ involves a procedure in which we extract your own blood, concentrate the platelets to a specific dosage tailored to your particular medical condition, and then reintroduce it back into your body. Essentially, it’s your blood working to heal your own body!

We employ this therapy because it has demonstrated significant efficacy in aiding patients with various medical conditions, offering symptom relief and even potential reversals. It’s a safe procedure, with minimal risk since it involves using your own blood.

TruDOSE™ IV Platelet Therapy

Discover how TruDOSE™ IV Platelet Therapy is revolutionizing the treatment of once deemed untreatable disease conditions. With numerous success stories, patients have experienced remarkable reversals after multiple sessions without any reported side effects. At Tree of Light Health, we’re thrilled to be the only provider of TruDOSE™ therapy in Georgia! Due to high demand, appointments are booking months in advance. Don’t miss out – call today to secure your spot!

Digging Deeper Into the Science

Unresolved immune and repair issues cause systemic inflammation and break the body down (see videos on this page). These unresolved issues force the body to sequentially shut off functions (cellular, organ, and metabolic) in an order only the body knows. As functions shut down in the body, symptoms arise along with disease conditions. This cycle keeps repeating itself until the body is simply stuck perpetually in a state of systemic inflammation.

How do you know what dose I need?

The TruDOSE™ system handles that aspect. You simply come in, have your finger pricked to collect a few drops of blood, and the blood sample is then measured and analyzed by our software. This enables us to tailor the therapy specifically to your disease condition.

What happens during my visit to the office?


Upon arrival, an IV line will be inserted into your arm, and a blood draw will commence, typically ranging from 4 to 16 tablespoons of blood. This blood is then processed using a centrifuge to isolate the platelets. Following the centrifugation process, your treatment is prepared for administration. After the treatment, you’ll remain under observation for a few minutes before being discharged.

Are there any risks?

As of now, thousands of treatments have been conducted across the US at various clinics, and there have been no reports of side effects or complications. It’s simply your own blood being reintroduced into your body, nothing more.

Are there any adverse effects from the treatment?

In some cases, patients may experience a temporary Herxheimer reaction, which is normal and typically short-lived. Additionally, individuals with neurological conditions may encounter temporary pain that wasn’t present before the treatment. This discomfort is also considered normal and can indicate the body’s inflammatory healing process at work, signaling the awakening of the nervous system.

What should I expect after treatment?

Post-treatment expectations vary depending on individual factors such as the specific disease condition and various other considerations. Each person’s healing journey will exhibit slight differences, even when dealing with the same disease condition. Typically, effects from the treatment may manifest within 24-72 hours, with some individuals experiencing immediate benefits before leaving the office. Early signs of treatment effects may include improved sleep, energy levels, cognitive function, and other minor enhancements to overall well-being within this timeframe.

How do I know the treatment is working?

If you’re experiencing small changes (sleep, energy, clear headed, pain going away, etc.) then that means its working.

What if I don't experience those benefits right away? Does that mean the treatment didn't work?

Not always. While it’s uncommon for the treatment to have no effect on a patient, it may not necessarily address the specific issue you were hoping to resolve. The systemic effects of the treatment can target issues that were previously unnoticed or causing discomfort. For certain individuals, it may take some time for the body to readjust these functions that weren’t operating properly. Furthermore, the treatment effects may persist up to the 8-12 week mark. Although it’s not frequent, some people may notice significant benefits around this time, underscoring the importance of allowing sufficient time for the treatment to take effect.

How does the treatment know what to fix? How does taking my blood and putting it back into me work?

Your platelets are responsible for overseeing the activities of your repair and immune systems. When you take your blood out, give it back at a super concentrated specific dose of platelets, it basically resets the repair and immune systems to activate again. Except this time, your platelets are seeing your whole body from a systemic perspective and determining which problem to tackle first, second and third. Unresolved repairs in your body become fixed and unresolved immune problems are cleared. Essentially, your body is being restarted and then recalibrated. The recalibration process lasts all the way until the 8-12 week time frame and then you have your new normal.

How long do the treatment effects last?

The treatment effects and benefits will continue up until the 8-12 week mark. All of the little benefits your body had been experiencing will maintain, and that will become your body’s new normal or homeostasis or balance. That’s when you need to get the next treatment because the benefits will build from there.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies based on the specific disease condition and individual factors, but it’s important to anticipate undergoing a minimum of four treatments over the next year, with treatments scheduled every 8-12 weeks. While each treatment contributes to improvement, relying solely on one treatment to resolve these issues isn’t advisable. This is because a single treatment can yield improvement, but the body may regress over time. Through experience, it has been determined that a four-treatment program offers the best path to achieving optimal health. Following the fourth treatment, you and your doctor can collaborate on the most suitable course of action for your treatment plan.
Patients typically pursue one of two options after completing the four-treatment regimen:
1. Some transition into a maintenance observation mode, promptly seeking treatment at the onset of any flare-ups or other inflammatory issues.
2. The majority continue with the 8-12 week treatment schedule, as it offers a more cost-effective and lower-risk approach to preventing relapses of their disease condition. TruDOSE™ Therapy then serves as more of a preventative treatment, continuously enhancing brain function, neurological system, immune system, and repair system to maintain optimal health with each session.

The information provided on www.treeoflighthealth.com is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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